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Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm moving. Actually, my family is moving. A whole house. At one time.
Sure, I've moved before, many times actually (one of the reasons I'm dreading this so much). But I've never moved a whole family; two adults, two small children, two cats and one dog. And never have I done it all in one move. This biggest move I've ever had was two adults from an average size apartment. And even then, we were able to load up our vehicles and make a couple trips to get it all moved.
So where we're moving we'll be closer to my husband's job, so we'll save on gas, he'll be home sooner, we'll be saving on utility costs because it's a newer development, and I'll get to learn a new city, a challenge which I always love.
Though I so look forward to the benefits of the move, I'm just having the hardest time keeping my momentum going. Every time I get a few boxes packed, I take a look around and realize there's so much more to do-rookie mistake, I know- like looking down while walking across a rickety bridge.
A small part of me-and I mean a very small part- has actually been looking forward to the move because of the opportunity to go through all the details of what we own (part of what has been slowing me down so much). The best thing about moving is finding new uses for old things and getting rid of the crap you no longer need- or fit, as is the case with many items in my closet. Real simple may have just helped me repurpose some old CDs, like this. And Helping Hands Rockwall has received two truckloads of clothing, furniture, home decor and even baby formula from our house. That's something this move will make me feel good about.
Another good thing to come from this move is the party I'll have for the boys and our playdate friends... I'll get to make these (follow-up post for another day) and have an excuse to eat Nothing Bundt Cakes (like I really need an excuse).
Ok, maybe it's not so bad, after all.

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