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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dollar Section Books Provide Fun, Cheap Projects

Now, anyone who has young children or likes to craft knows the wonder that is the "Target Dollar Section." About a year ago, I discovered these books on family/kid-friendly crafting ideas- and sometimes recipes, too. The books have been a treasure-trove for activities to keep my toddler busy and new recipes for me to try just when things were getting mundane.  
We all know it's oftentimes easier to pick up your favorite go-to  book(s), 
than to get sucked in to pinterest and search forever! 
But the best part is that you probably already have everything you need for the easy crafts that come of out these $1 books, resulting in super cheap, but fun projects!
Our last three holiday crafts have come from these books. And since I've got some catch-up blogging to do, I thought I'd share some simple "how-tos" for holiday crafts I've found in these books.
Fair warning, we've taken a little artistic freedom with our crafts!

St. Patty's Day Clover
You'll Need:
Glue Stick
Your favorite kind of markers or pens
Construction Paper

  1. Begin by drawing the clover. It doesn't have to be perfect if you're free-handing it like we did. If you're creatively challenged, just trace the image on plain white paper. For ours, we used white card stock for the bottom, and a paper lunch sack for the top. We then glued the two together. 
  2. Next, draw whatever picture you think represents the holiday most (I drew the Irish flag). 
  3. Then, hand your little one a crayon and let them have at it! 
I know, ridiculously simple, but my three-year-old was SO proud of himself!

Turkey Cups
You'll Need:
Clear Plastic, 9oz Party Cups
Hot Glue
Craft Glue
Colored Construction Paper
Googly Craft Eyes

Ok, I'll admit that I did this one all by myself- did not let the kids touch any of it! But they were all pleasantly surprised when I presented them at Thanksgiving dinner :-)
  1. Start by cutting out the feathers in different colors (and sizes if you want to mix it up like I did). How many you cut will depend on how many colors you want to use (four or five work best) and how many cups you will need to complete. Also, go ahead and cut out your beaks and wattles (those are the hanging red things, if you didn't already know). 
  2. Next, I suggest figuring out your color combinations/layout for each cup. When you're done with this, start glueing the feathers together with craft glue. By the time you get to the last one, the glue should be dry enough for you to start labeling them. It is important that you write the names on the feathers at this point, if you even plan on assigning names to them. After you glue the feathers to the cups it will be too difficult to write on them.
  3. Now, with your glue gun set on low, glue the lower 1/4- to 1/2-inch of the feathers to the cup. Glue the googly eyes, beaks, and wattles on as well.
√Čt voila!

Got some leftover construction paper and some empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls handy?
Just trace your little ones' hands, cut them out and glue them on the rolls!

Footprint Ghosts
 You'll need:
Card Stock or White Construction Paper
Black Marker
Hole Punch  (optional)
String and Tacks for hanging (optional)

  1. First, start tracing those little feet- with a pencil, because they are bound to squirm and send your hand everywhere.
2.  Next, cut out the originals and use them for tracing.

3.  Once you have traced all the feet that you need, start creating ghoulish faces! It was easier for us to do all of our drawing before I cut them out.

4.  Cut out each foot. If you plan on hanging them, punch holes in the heels of the ghosts.

 5.  Now string 'em up and hang!

 I labeled these pairs on one side for keepsakes after the holiday was over. 

These ghosts can also be used as name/place tags if you're making them in a group setting- great idea for a holiday playdate!

Hope I've provided some useful ideas for you and your family. Have fun crafting!

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