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Friday, July 1, 2011

Where I'm Going Fridays: 4th of July Trip Home to KC!

We're headed to Kansas City in the morning to be with my side for the 4th (as we always do).
It'll just be the boy and I on this trip, which I dare to believe should be somewhat easier than normal since we'll be sans the needy dog and an extra adult. We'll see if I eat those words later :)
As far as packing goes, I'm also daring to believe I can get it all done today- yet here I sit, blogging.
I've gone from packing a day before (pre-baby), to a week early (post-baby), to three days before (as I started better getting the hang of it), and back to a day before (as tire and carelessness have set in).
No matter how motivated I am to pack, though, I am always very thorough- except for the time I forgot my husband's underwear, about which I will never hear the end of. I always go through a checklist, which used to be hand-written until I came across a website created by a mom who could never find tips and/or advice about best practices while traveling with children...
Travel Mamas
Now, I print out the pages before each trip and go through them several times (a little OCD, I know).
I do the same thing when I cook- read each recipe in its entirety over and over. I'm always just sure I'll leave an ingredient/step out or leave an item behind. I like to think of Monica and Ross when I go through my lists- "Check!"
Here is the list I use, but Travel Mama provides others and many other tips for traveling with kids.
Travel Mamas - Packing List for Babies and Toddlers

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